This is the fourth of a series of interviews with CEOs that were included in a book I wrote in late 2010 called RARE Business. It was a collection of thoughts, ideas and strategies to help businesses ‘build better relationships with their customers and their people’. You can pick up an electronic copy of the book for free by clicking on the THIRD button down in the left hand column or by clicking here.

The interviews were included to supplement my own thoughts and experience and add richness, depth and context. In the interviews, I asked them what they have done to drive their business’ success, customer focus and how they have built their employee and customer engagement.

The last interview in the series was with Stefan Töpfer of Winweb and is featured in Having everyone involved in customer service helps create a better customer experience.

This time round it is the turn of Justin Cooke, CEO of Fortune Cookie to share his insights.

Founded in 1997, Fortune Cookie is one of Europe’s most well-respected digital agencies, famous for delivering beautiful, findable, accessible websites that deliver stunning return on investment. Clients include Legal & General, UEFA, Prudential, TUI, UEFA, National Rail Enquiries, Metro International and Europcar. Over the past few years, websites designed by Fortune Cookie have been short-listed for major design awards a total of 50 times.

In 2009, GP Bullhound Media Momentum Awards ranked Fortune Cookie 36th in a ranked revenue-based league of the top 50 fastest growing digital media companies in Europe. In May 2009, Justin was voted Chair of the British Interactive Media Association and continues in that role to this day.

Justin agreed to talk to me and shared some insights on what he believes they do that has helped them build a truly customer-focused business and team. Here are some of his insights:

  1. Our single-minded focus on making everything we do measurable for our clients and that we are prepared to link our fee to success.
  2. Build strategic, long-term relationships with clients – trying to understand what really matters and then building a road map to help make this a reality. Not forgetting the importance of people, service and relationships and that the small things can make a big difference. By being there in the tough times, learning, listening and always trying to be better. Results matter but so do relationships.
  3. Work as a team – hold stand up meetings daily
  4. The Client is always right – even when they are wrong
  5. A phone call is worth 10 emails. A meeting is worth 100 calls
  6. Always say what you can do and what you can’t. Regular and often. Never hide away from bad news
  7. Clients are your reputation. Referrals are the best secret of success
  8. Create a shared vision and set of values – Our senior team worked together to create our vision, mission and values and our strategy – these are shared and brought to life communicated out at our quarterly company-wide meetings

This is another great example of an established business that is leading its industry, empowering its team and delivering value for its customers.

Can you learn anything from their approach?

Remember, can pick up an electronic copy of the book for free by clicking on the THIRD button down in the left hand column or by clicking here.

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