I haven’t posted for a few days as I’ve been away in Marrakech with Hana following our wedding last week.

So, today after arriving back on Monday, I was thinking about a post and recalling different elements of our trip and the experience that we had.

We booked into Riad Dar Mimouna, a fantastic raid in the old city. You can see a picture of the interior above.

On arriving on the Thursday night, we were shown to our room and one of the first things that we noticed was that there were twin beds in the room and not a double bed. Something that we mentioned to Anwar, our host.

We didn’t make a big deal of it as we quickly pushed the beds together. However, what happened next was the thing that stood out for us.

The next day after being out during the day, we returned to find that our bed had been made into a double without us even asking. It just happened. It was this and countless other things that made our visit memorable and unforgettable.

For me, I think that when we talk about great customer service or creating a memorable customer experience it is easy to fall into the trap that delivering great customer service or creating a memorable customer experience is about the process that we design and how we train our people to deliver that. However, what was apparent from our visit to Riad Dar Mimouna is that the experience was completely enhanced by the combination of little things that were just done without asking.

You can only accomplish this type of service or experience through the selection, training and support of engaged employees.

Great customer service and experience is a lot about listening and then doing the things that you are not asked to do. Our thanks go to Anwar for making our trip unforgettable.

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