In Inbound marketing is about content and context, I reported back from Inbound Marketing UK. However, whilst there I was able to catch up with Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer of Hubspot, who was speaking at the conference. In the interview, we talked about inbound marketing, where people should start, how much of their marketing should be inbound/content focused and a bunch of other things.

This interview makes up number thirty-seven in the series of interviews with authors and business leaders that are doing great things and helping create businesses that customers love.

Below are highlights from our interview:

  • Hubspot have just raised another $35million to help build their business. Mike says that if you have successful customers and your business is growing then people want to invest.
  • The rise of inbound and content marketing is coming about as more and more businesses realise that the customer is now in control as they have the power to skip your ads, screen out your cold calls and junk your direct (e)mail.
  • Once businesses realise this then they realise that their marketing needs to be turned around the other way and increase their inbound and content marketing efforts.
  • Most businesses have about 10% inbound and 90% traditional marketing and they do need to make a shift into more inbound and content marketing.
  • Hubspot’s lead generation, effort and spend is 75% inbound and content marketing and 25% more traditional marketing. They think that 80:20 is probably the right ratio.
  • Their inbound leads cost them half as much as leads from traditional marketing methods and they close into customers at three times a higher rate.
  • Mike says that for anyone wanting to get started with inbound and content marketing then blogging is a great place to start. Many people don’t blog enough and spend more time on different social networks and Mike believes that they miss the underpinnings of a good inbound strategy ie. developing a home base and building up a base of things that they are contributing to their community.
  • Anyone in your organisation who has value to add to the buying personas that you target should be creating content or, at least, helping to create content….from the CEO all the way down to the front-line employees. The whole goal being to use whatever resources you have to provide value to your customers or potential customers.
  • If you want to grade your entire marketing funnel and find out how to improve, then Mike suggests that we check out Hubspot’s free tool: Marketing Grader (

About Mike (taken from his LinkedIn profile)


I joined HubSpot as one of the first 5 employees, and since then we have grown to one of the top marketing software companies with over 4,500 customers and 220 employees.

In marketing, we have created a sophisticated lead generation machine, supporting over 60 sales reps by generating over 35,000 leads per month, all of which are scored and prioritized based on custom designed algorithms that estimate the probability of a lead closing into a sale, with the best leads going to the sales team, and the other leads going into a lead nurturing program with about a half-dozen different segments.

We also built a top brand in our market, created the largest social media presence for any B2B software company, won many awards for our marketing, generated over 600,000 views for our YouTube videos, built one of the top 10 marketing blogs, and grew a large online community that loves HubSpot. HubSpot’s marketing practices have been featured in over 20 different business and marketing books.

You can connect with Mike on Linked In here, Twitter via @mvolpe and check out Hubspotand their blog too.

Thanks to Hubspot for the image.

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